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Through the art of knife making I create a variety of knives that are not only artistic but practical as well. I create knives for the hunter, the fisherman, and for the culinary specialist of the household. The true test of a knife makers talent is in the grace, balance, and feel of his finished knife while maintaining the ultimate level of performance.
Doug Making a Knife The chemical composition, hardness, toughness, flexibility, thickness and shape of the steel blade is fundamental to the performance of the finished knife. Each knife has a purpose and the basic requirements of each differ. A fillet knife for example must be flexible, a hunter must be rigid and tough, and a bread knife must be capable of slicing warm fresh bread without smashing the loaf into unrecognizable goo. Each has it’s own characteristics and each must fit the purpose for which it is designed. Some of the more common blade materials I prefer to use are 1095 Hi-Carbon, 440-C Surgical Steel, ATS-34, D-2 Carpenter and of course the beautiful and unique layered Damascus. Each blade steel has its place in the artistic and useful creation of a knife.
Utilizing the finest quality and most aesthetic horn and bone available, I fashion by hand the handles in exotic varieties of Sambar Stag, Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Caribou and Impala horn. I also use various kinds of bone for handle material. The accents I have come to prefer are semi-precious stones such as malachite, turquoise, rhodenite, coral and mother of pearl. I also use ivory, desert ironwood, brass, German silver and nickel silver as spacers. The pins or rivets are normally brass, nickel silver or 304 Stainless steel. For bolsters I prefer to braze nickel silver, German silver or brass to the blade. This process gives a finished, professional look to any hand made knife. For kitchen cutlery I use a laminated epoxy resin impregnated wood. This material is cut into thin sheets of oak, hickory, rosewood, walnut etc. then pressed into thick sheets under high pressure and temperature. The resulting material is tough, durable and beautiful while maintaining the natural wood appearance without the familiar problems of warping, rotting and shrinking common to natural wood. Handles are designed for beauty and durability as well as comfort to the user. If the finished knife doesn’t fit the user’s hand it is of little value. I have created knives to fit specific individual’s hands both left and right.
All of my knives are guaranteed for life. This includes free sharpening for as long as you own your knife. If any of my hand made knives ever fail from materials or workmanship I will replace it free…..period.